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Adult Recruitment

Thank you for your interest in Civil Air Patrol, the auxiliary of the United States Air Force. As adult members of CAP, it is our duty to assist our community, state, and nation through our three missions: emergency services, cadet programs, and aerospace education.

Each of the three missions has various ‘jobs’, known as Specialty Tracks, that you can join once you’re a full member. All members contribute to our organization through their Specialty Tracks. Members who have prior service in any of the U.S. Uniformed Services are able to join as either an NCO or an officer after a 6-month orientation period.

Any and all interested parties are welcome to explore this website and learn more about what Civil Air Patrol offers. Individuals who are interested in joining are asked to attend a few meetings (Tues. nights, 6pm-9pm) so we can get you acquainted with the squadron. All adult applicants are required to be fingerprinted and to pass a background check as well as an entrance interview. There are also annual dues that allow our all-volunteer organization to pay for such incidentals as utilities, internet access, maintenance, and the development and strengthening of our programs on a local and national level. For Massachusetts, the dues consist of an annual $55 (which may be tax-deductible) with an additional $20 per quarter. These quarterly dues are used directly at the squadron level to support our local programs and initiatives. 

Emergency Services is the first of our missions chartered to us by Congress. When a plane goes down or when intense weather hits the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the trained volunteers of Civil Air Patrol may be called in to assist through our emergency services mission. We're looking for interested men and women to serve in all aspects of emergency services: training other members, assisting with disaster relief, and working the monthly SAREXs (search and rescue exercises) that keep our members trained and current. Members who currently hold a PPL can be trained to be mission or transport pilots. Interested men and women with experience in NIMS, rescue operations, and public relations are being actively recruited, but anyone with an interest in learning how to assist their community and help their fellow neighbors are welcomed.  

Cadet Programs is the second mission of CAP. Members who volunteer to be a part of cadet programs are charged with training and developing our young members in leadership, integrity, and excellence. CAP's Cadet Program affects the lives of tens of thousands of cadets across America. Through your leadership and guidance, cadets will join CAP as an airman basic and work their way up the ranks - all the way to cadet Colonel! Interested members with experience in working with youth will feel at home here, but we welcome anyone with a desire to guide others to greatness!

Aerospace Education is the third mission chartered to us by Congress. Members who are involved in this mission are tasked with working with the cadets at Westover Composite Squadron and non-members in our community to increase their knowledge of aviation and STEM topics. Through model rocketry, building our own UAV, and working with Operations to give cadets O-Flights where they take the controls of a plane: Aerospace Education Officers are an important part of our public outreach and education program. Ideally, an interested member would have a background in either education or aviation, but if you have a passion of aviation, there's a place for you here!

Role outside of the three primary missions are known as Support Positions, and they're some of the most important jobs in Civil Air Patrol. Whether it's assisting with the finances needed to keep our mission going, working to keep our air or ground-based assets operational, or making sure our uniforms and other donations are cared for, our members in support positions keep our organization going!

If you're ready to see more of what Civil Air Patrol is all about, please fill out the form below to schedule a no-pressure meeting at Westover ARB. Remember, there is no obligation to join!

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